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What is the I-Fun System?

*Now with the I-Fun system you can meet your customers by product cartoon character, and will interact with them , answer questions , talk about the product & play with them.

*This new technology that helps to deliver and achieve the success of your product.

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Motion capture technology has increasingly become one of the most relied-upon tools for 2D and 3D animators involved in modern film-making, video game creation and other digital media.
Not only is stand-alone motion capture growing in popularity, but the versatility of this technique allows it to be combined with more traditional tools like keyframe animation..........See All

An ident is a short visual brand identifier which contains a logo or some other form of graphic that an audience can connect with a product. This may consist of an incredibly complex computer generated sequence or a simple logo graphic which serves to spread awareness of the production team or development team that have created a .....See All

In todays competitive marketplace, the TV Commercials guarantee the most visibility and awareness to best mass-market one’s products. TV advertising has a long reach as statistics suggest that more than 70% of all sales are based on buyer initiated moves.....See All